Swingin' Crash recorded five CD's till now. In 1992 "Body & Soul" (CAT CD-6505) was recorded by Max Bolleman at his studio in Monster, Holland. This CD is sold out, but you can order a copy on Fonos.nl, as goes for "Skyliner" (CAT CD-6909) which appeared in 1996. Because the Cat Jazz Records label closed down, these CD can only be ordered via Fonos. In 1998 the band participated in the CD "Leiderdorp Blues" which contained a special composition by Wik Horn and two 'standards'. This limited edition for the municipal authorities of Leiderdorp on behalf of 'Leiden Cultuurstad', is no more available. In 2004 the band recorded for her 20th anniversary "Itís been a long, long time". In 2007 the band again went into the studio of Max to record "Theater alley swing", a very special CD because it only contains songs, written and composed by (former) bandmembers. Our last CD "Swingin' Crash plays Ellington" was released on the 31th of May 2009. The three available CD's can only be bought through the band. The price of these CD's is Ä15,- each, excluding postage. You can order one or more CD's by e-mail, they will be send to you after payment.

Beside the above mentioned CD's we made some specialties ourself. These are live recordings of concerts from 1985 ("The first concert", "Opus 2"), 1989 ("Round midnight", "Tenor madness"), the special gift-CD for our twentiest anniversary: "Song for Inge"and "Second choise" (the songs that were also recorded last time, but not released). The still available CD's you can find below with some samples of our music. As an extra you find "Leiderdorp blues", "Song for Inge" and "Second choise" complete, so you can download them. Thatís also possible for ďLetís danceĒ, the three titles that were broascasted by Radio West in November 2006. Have fun with our music. 

  1. Body and Soul
  2. How high the moon
  3. Georgia on my mind
  4. My baby just cares for me
  5. Memories of you
  6. Can't miss you
  7. Cherokee
  8. Foolin' myself
  9. You've changed
  10. Mean to me
  11. Love is just a funny habit
  12. Stars fall on Alabama
  13. You've brought a new kind of love to me
  14. Marie
  15. Lady sings the blues
  16. My little suede shoes
  1. Skyliner
  2. And the angels sing
  3. Four or five times
  4. Swinging notes
  5. Stormy weather
  6. Sugar foot stomp
  7. So in love
  8. Beat me daddy, eight to the bar
  9. Life cycle suite
    Life starts at twenty
    Rock me baby
    Buying a house
    Lovely and married
    Ride me high
    Suburban dreams
    You're off my list
  10. Manhattan
  11. They say
  12. My melancholy baby
  13. Tango de Rey Oliver
  1. Begin the Beguine
  2. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
  3. Is you is or is you ain't my baby
  4. Zuiderzee blues
  5. Sugar beach
  6. Whisper not
  7. As time go by
  8. Mambo #5
  9. I'll never smile again
  10. For all we know
  11. Egyptian fantasy
  12. You're drivin' me crazy
  13. Anema e core
  14. I thought I heard Ma Rainey sing
  15. Melancholy
  16. It's been a long, long time
  1. I cover the waterfront
  2. Song for Inge
  3. Route 66
  4. The end of a love affair
  5. A flower for a morning glory
  6. Caledonia
  1. You brought a new kind of love to me
  2. Sophisticated lady
  3. Stardust
  4. Opus one
  5. Rockin' chair
  6. Pleasin' Paul
  7. I can't believe that you're in love with me
  8. Stop, you're breakin' my heart
  9. Mood indigo
  10. Undecided
  11. Midnight sun
  12. Makin' whoopee
  13. Take the 'A'-train
  14. When the saints go marchin' in
  15. Bulp blues
This CD was recorded for the municipal authoroties of Leiderdorp on behalf of "Leiden Cultuurstad".
  1. Leiderdorp blues
  2. Dallas blues
  3. Dinah
  1. Cry, little buttercup, cry
  2. Lets dance
  3. You brought a new kind of love to me
  1. Theater alley swing
  2. I can't forget your lovely smile
  3. Night train to Panama
  4. True trombones
  5. My sentimental time
  6. On a sunny sunday
  7. Leiderdorp lament
  8. Midnight feelings
  9. Johnny's blues
  10. Appreciated love
  11. Swingtime for Sylvia
  12. Flight to London
  13. Funeral in solitude
  14. Pretty day
  15. Tale of cotton
  1. Blues for love of ease
  2. A lazy summerday
  3. Far away baby
  4. Friends for now and ever
  5. Wonderful night in Bahia


  1. Caravan
  2. Do nothing till you hear from me
  3. East St. Louis Toodle-O
  4. Prelude to a kiss
  5. Drop me off in Harlem
  6. The Mooche
  7. Daydream
  8. Old man blues
  9. I'm beginning to see the light
  10. Black and tan fantasy
  11. Chelsea bridge
  12. In my solitude
  13. In a sentimental mood
  14. C-jam blues