Photo 1 by Ronald Veeren (Leiderdorps Weekblad, Wednesday 28th April 1985) announcing the first concert of Swingin’ Crash.

Left to right: Ad Blokland(gt); Cees van Delft(ts/cl); Jaap Vergouwen(tp); Jan Augustinus(sound); Wilfrid Hoek(tp); Ger de Groot (drms);
Ann Lynch(voc); Wik Horn(pi/arr); Marc Hazenberg(ts/ss); Bram Groothoff(bs); Jos Dullaart(sb). Hans Masselink(as/cl) not present.

Photo 2. Personnel partynight, Samsom Uitgeverij, Alphen a/d Rijn, September 1985

Line-up same as photo 1, but added Fred Horn(vtb/cl/as); Joop Schuurman Hess(as/cl) replaces Hans Masselink;
Alex de Leeuw(bs) replaces Bram Groothoff.

Photo 3: ‘Cement-evening’, Theater ‘Muzenhof’, Leiderdorp, February 1986

Line-up same as photo 1, except Robert Veen replaces Hans Masselink.

Photo 4: Concert as Intermission at the Jazzbands-contest in ‘De Waag’, Leiden, Sunday 5th  February 1991

Line-up: John van Kooperen(tp); Inge Krabbe(tp); Pierre Brands(tp); Lex de Booij(tp); Fred Horn(vtb/cl/as); Wim Keessen(cl/as);
Henk van Donselaar(ts); Ton Röben(ts/cl); Dick Möller(bs/cl); Wik Horn(pi/arr.); Ernie van der Waag(gt); Jos Dullaart(bs);
Eric Dullaart(drms); Ellen Capel(voc). Special guests: Philip Paar(voc) and an Andrew Sisters alike ladytrio(voc).

Photo 5: Photo for the Leiderdorp Weekly made by Ronald Veeren, illustrating an article announcing our first CD: “Body & Soul”,
22th September 1992.

Line-up same as photo 4 except Jaap Vergouwen(tp) replaces Pierre Brands, Lex de Booij out; Fred Groot(ts/cl) replaces Ton Röben;
Marc Hazenberg(ts/ss) replaces Henk van Donselaar; Henk van Voorthuijzen(bs/ts/cl) replaces Dick Möller;
Wim Ruijgrok(sb) replaces Jos Dullaart and Ed Toepoel(gt) replaces Ernie van der Waag.

Photo 6: Concert at the Wageningen Jazz Festival, 2th and 3th September 1994

Line-up same as photo 5 except Rick Vermeer(gt) replaces Ed Toepoel; Klaas de Koning replaces Eric Dullaart.

Photo 7. Party at the ‘Vienna Theater’ in The Hague, celebrating the birthday of our singer Henny van Dongen, 6th January 1996.

Line-up same as photo 6 except Jaap vergouwen out, Fred Horn changes to cornet, Bert Noomen(tb) added, Paul Weijers(ts/cl) replaces
Marc Hazenberg, Wim van Soest(ts) added, Jos Dullaart replaces Wim Ruijgrok; Henny van Dongen replaces Ellen Capel.

Photo 8. Two optredens on the National Seniors Meetings, Congress Centre Utrecht, Friday and Sunday 10/12th September 1997

Line-up same as photo 7 except Ben Stuijfzand(tp) replaces Inge Krabbe;Ton Röben(ts/cl) replaces Wim van Soest;
Ger de Lange (as/cl) replaces Paul Weijers ; Barry Block(as/cl) replaces Wim Keessen.

Photo 9. 15th Anniversary of Swingin’ Crash, De Hollandsche Tuyn Leiderdorp, June 1999.

Line-up same as photo 8 except Wim Elshove(as) replaces Barry Block; Wim van Soest(ts/cl) replaces Ton Röben.

Photo 10. Concert for the Waterboard of North-Holland in Edam, the first Sunday of September 1999 (Waterboardday).

Line-up: Bert Jägel(tp); Frank Wouters(tp); Fred Horn(tp/as); Bert Noomen(tb); Ger de Lange(as/cl); Wim Elshove(as/cl);
Fred Groot(ts/ss/cl); Wim van Soest(ts/cl); Henk van Voorthuijzen(bs/ts/cl); Wik Horn(pi/arr.);
Rick Vermeer(gt); Jos Dullaart(sb); Klaas de Koning(drms); Henny van Dongen(voc).

Photo 11. Concert for an International Chemistry Congress, Phoenix Delft, November 1999.

Line-up same as photo 9 except Ben Stuijfzand(tp) replaces Bert Jägel; John van Kooperen(tp) replaces Frank Wouters.

Photo 12. Openingparty of the Advertising Agency “Teule & Rooker“ in Alkmaar, 22th June 2000.

Line-up same as photo 11 except Stefan de Vetten(tp) replaces John van Kooperen.

Photo 13. Concert in a Shopping Mall in Mariahoeve, The Hague, 24th November 2001.

Personnel same as photo 12 except Victor Borkent(tp) replaces Stefan de Vetten.

Photo 14. Concert at the Home for elderly people “Hoogwaak” at Noordwijk, 3th April 2004.

Line-up same as photo 13 except Jan de Wit(tp) replaces Victor Borkent.

Photo 15. Eveningconcert at the International Swing band Contest and Jazzmeeting in Glauchau, Germany, 5th November 2004.

Line-up same as photo 14 except the first trumpet chair (Ben Stuijfzand wasn’t with us) was taken by a member of the Blast Big Band.
As our trombone player Bert Noomen helped them.

Photo 16. Concert in a shopping mall in Krimpen a/d/ IJssel

Line-up same as photo 15 but with Victor Victor Borkent (tp1), Frank Wouters (tp2).

Photo 17. Recording for the CD "It's been a long, long time" at Studio 44, Monster

Line-up same as photo 16, but with Ben Stuijfzand (tp1) en Jan de Wit (tp2).

Photo 18. Presentatie CD in Theater "In de Steeg, The Hague

Line-up same as photo 17 only Edgar Krul (bas) replaces Jos Dullaart (crunched arm).

Photo 19. Glauchau 2006
Photo nog niet beschikbaar

Photo 20. Concert for the 40th anniversary of the Home for elderly people "Roomburgh" in Leiden

Line-up: Frank Wouters (tp1) replaces Ben Stuijfzand, Willem van Manen (tb1) replaces Bert Noomen, Louis Bink (tb2) added

Photo 21. Concert at the Home for elderly people "Hoogwaak", Noordwijk

Line-up same as photo 19.

Photo 22. Concert at the Home for elderly people "Wijckersloot" at Oegstgeest

Line-up same as photo 19 only Barry Block (as/ts/cl) replaces Charles Langeveld.

Photo 23. Concert at the 50+ fair for Broadcasting organisation MAX, Jaarbeurs Utrecht for

Line-up same as photo 22 only Ton Damm (as/cl) replaces Barry Block, Coen Gerritse (tb3) added.

Photo 24. Concert Big Band Concours Enschede, Sunday 11 May 2008

Line-up same as photo 22.

Photo 25. Concert Big Band Concours Enschede(2)

See photo 24.

Photo 26. Concert for the fith anniversary of Florence, The Hague, 19 september 2009

Line-up same as photo 23, only Jan van der Woord (ts/cl) replaces Wim van Soest, Willem van Manen en Coen Gerritse absent.

Photo 27. 65th bithday celebration of Fred Horn at "Theater in de Steeg", The Hague, Wensday 13 January 2010

Line-up same as photo 25.

Photo 28. Afscheid van Jos Dullart van de band op zijn verjaardag, Theater "In de Steeg", The Hague, zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Line-up same as photo 26, only Jan de Wit also absent.

Photo 29. Concert at "Miniwelt", Lichtenstein Germany, Saturdaymorning 8 May 2010

Line-up same as photo 24, only Victor Borkent (tp1) replaces Frank Wouters,
Detlev Weers (tp2) replaces Jan de Wit en Eugène de Bruin (as/cl) replaces Wim Elshove.

Photo 30. Concert at swingfestival "Saxionade" in Glauchau, Germany, Saturdayevening 8 May 2010

Line-up same as photo 28.

Foto 31. Winnerscertificate Swingfestival "Saxionade", Glauchau 8 May 2010

Foto 32. Big Band Festival Scheveningen, 12 June 2011

Foto 33. Concert at Home for elderly people "Overrhijn", Leiden 21 April 2012

Line-up: Koos van der Hout (tp), Detlev Weers (tp), Frank Wouters (tp), Eugène de Bruijn (as/cl), Ton Damm (as/cl),
Pim van der Hust (ts/ss), Jan van der Woord (ts/cl), Hubert Schalkwijk (bs), Wik Horn (p/arr/ldr),
Loek Hagen (g), Willem van Wijngaarden (b), Klaas de Koning (d) en Rugile Daujotaite (vocal/f).