Swingin’ Crash was founded the 27h of May 1984 by a couple of enthousiastic amateur-jazzplayers who wanted to revive the swingmusic (in fact the jumpjazz in a small formation) of the thirties. Initiative was taken by pianist/arranger Wik Horn and drummer Ger de Groot. In the very beginning they were joined by Jos Dullaart (stringbass), Jaap Vergouwen (trumpet), Hans Masselink (alto-sax/clarinet) and Marc Hazenberg (tenor- en soprano-sax).
After Ann Lynch (vocal), Wilfrid Hoek (trumpet), Cees van Delft (tenor-sax/clarinet), Bram Groothoff (baritone-sax) and Ad Blokland (guitar) took their places, the band had grown after one year to 12 members (singer, 2 trumpets, valve-trombone (Fred Horn), 4 saxes and a rhythm-section). In this setting, besides personal changes, the band played for almost eight years.

After that period the band grew to 14 persons by the arrival of a third trumpet and a fifth sax. The band expanded between 2002 and 2004 with a second trombone and a sixth sax. At this moment we have 6 brass - 3 trumpets/3 trombones -, 6 reed - 2 alto-/2 tenor-/1 baritonesax, dubbling on other woodwinds and a flute -, 4 rhythm - piano/guitar/stringbass/drums - and a female singer (the one who also plays the flute). The first important line-up change took place in 1987. Wilfrid, Ann, Cees, Marc and Ger left the band for different reasons and were replaced by John van Kooperen and Inge Krabbe on trumpet, Henk van Donselaar on tenorsax, Wim Keessen on tenor- and after a year on altosax and clarinet and Dick Möller on baritonesax and clarinet. Eric Dullaart sat behind the drums. One year later Ernie van der Waag replaced Ad Blokland on guitar and Ton Röben took Wim Keessens chair on tenorsax and clarinet. In 1990 Henk van Voorthuijsen replaced Dick Möller on baritone-, tenorsax and clarinet. The singer became Tiny Schenkel, preceded by Ellen Capel in 1991. In 1994 a major change of personnel took place after Henk van Donselaar’s chair was taken by Paul Weijers in 1992. The latter left also in 1994 and was replaced by Ger de Lange on altosax and clarinet. At the same time Ben Stuijfzand (trumpet), Bert Noomen (trombone), Rick Vermeer (guitar) and Henny van Dongen (vocal) joined the band and Fred Horn changed to cornet.

In 1998 Wim Elshove became a member too on altosax and clarinet, followed by Jan de Wit (trumpet) and Charles Langeveld (alto- and tenorsax) in 2003. One year later Louis Bink joined the band on second trombone. In the fall of 2005 Ben Stuijfzand had to leave. Since then the first chair has been taken by Frank Wouters. Due to his work, in 2006 Bert Noomen had to leave and was replaced by Willem van Manen. The trombone section became complete, when Coen Gerritse took the third seat. June 2007 Charles Langeveld left the band. His seat was taken by Ton Damm, altosax and clarinet. In September 2009 Wim van Soest was forced by his increasing workload, often outside Holland, to quit the band. His chair was taken by Jan van de Woord (tenorsax and clarinet).
Autumn 2010 Frank Wouters left the band and his chair has been token by Detlev Weers (trumpet). A little later Coen Gerritsen was forced by serious hearing disorder to stop playing and leave the band. He was replaced by Koos van der Hout on valve-trombone, so we were complete again. We are also fortunate that for years during rehearsals Willem Ouwerkerk was so kind to take the seat of Willem van Manen, because the latter could rarely be present. And so we had a very good substitute when one of the trombone players couldn't show up at a gig.

In 2011 we rehearsed effectively under the direction of Wouter Kluck. Early 2012 a part of the members announced their leaving, mainly for aging reasons. Fred Groot and Wim Elshoven were feeling the time had come to leave, as did Edgar Krul, who preceded Jos Dullaart. Wim Keessen had to slow down for medical reasons, as was Fred Horn for a longer while. Wik Horn decided to temporarely stop the ochestra and went out looking for a brand new team. The good ones he found mostly couldn't rehearse on the Tueday evening, so he switched to the Wednesday morning. The two old members with jobs (Rick Vermeer and Henk van Voorthuijzen) were not able to visit the rehearsals for this reason, as was Jan de Wit who played on this morning in an other band. So a nearly new line-up had to be established. Because Henny van Dongen didn't feel very comfortable in the specific Ellington idiom, she set other musical goals. We were very happy to find a young and very talented singer from Lithuania: Rugile Daujotaite. In november Willem van Manen decided to quit the band. Willem Ouwerkerk took the chair he knew so well. So the line-up consists of very good veterans in classic jazz.
For the "actual line-up": see the specific chapter.

During the last 28 years there were others who joined the band briefly: Victor Borkent, Rob Balfoort, Dick Bouman, Daniël Duyvestein, Pierre Brands, Lex de Booij and Stefan de Vetten on trumpet; Barry Block on altosax/clarinet; Hubert Schalkwijk on baritonesax; Ton Röben on tenorsax/clarinet and later on bass; Hans Ham, Ed Toepoel and Berry Ruis on guitar; Wim Ruijgrok on bass and and Bernard Otten and Peter den Boer behind the drums.

We always had very good replacement for all the chairs. We had help of Zenja Damm, Carolien Idema and Iris van der Made, vocal; Menno Daams, Bert Jägel, Frank Wouters, Alexander Zwaan and Wim van der Pouw on trumpet; Jan Vennik, Alex de Leeuw, Hans Bosch, Han Weezenaar, Joop Schuurman-Hess, Ton Damm, Robert Veen, Eugène de Bruijn, Katy Lips, Tom van Noord and Fred Leeflang on reeds; Hans Vullings and Edgar Krul on bass; Peter den Boer on drums. Besides them we could always count on our former members.
The band played many times on very different occasions like jazzfestivals, Big Band manifestations, parties and concerts in jazzclubs.

 photographs are shot at our performance on a big international
congress in the "Beurs van Berlage" in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2003

The band is initiator of the “Stichting Swingin’ Crash”, a foundation that stimulates and promotes the playing and producing of jazz- en swing music.